At NIGHT & PRISM we are passionate about crystals, their individual beauty, origins and history, their theorised energetic attributes and connections to the zodiac signs.

The warming of fragranced crystal infused wax melts in your home can assist you to take a moment in the day to ground yourself with calm and self-love.

Gift yourself a moment to breathe, to feel present, to accept the things that cannot change, to have gratitude for the love and safety in your life and to clear a pathway for the abundance and change that you would wish to manifest into being. 

Crystals are naturally formed by the earth and some people hold the belief that crystals can exude natural energies. Whether or not you place value in the belief of crystal energies, it is our belief here at NIGHT & PRISM that in its most basic

principles that the interesting beauty and the natural Earth connections of crystals can aid in mindfulness and gratitude and peacefulness.

We use a variety of crystals at NIGHT & PRISM INFUSED within our wax. We have written a little about each crystal we work with if you would like to learn a little more about our Crystal Infused Wax Melts.