Meet The Makers

Two friends on a mission to create a brand from our soul and style, combined with our passion and dedication. We aim to deliver quality for great value with respect for the planet. We hope to bring you unique, handmade and especially sourced wonders. So many goals, too little time. 
We are Kievah and Merri. We met in 2009 at the same university in England. We both studied Specialist Makeup Design for TV, Film and Theatre which we feel gives us an eye for consistency, the unusual and a strive for improvement. 
We are now well past the partying lifestyle of over a decade ago and are both now parenting at home. Our roles as parents inspired the name of Night & Prism. Kievah has a daughter who's name means night in several cultures. Merri cares for her Foster child who's favourite colour is rainbow. 
And so, Night & Prism came to life over a bottle of white wine and a 90s pop playlist. We can't wait to share our store and our ideas with you. Thank you for being here.