Winter Aroma Library

Amber & Sweet Orange

Luxurious Amber & Sweet Orange has a rich heart of soft amber, incense & musk. The aroma is brightened with a burst of sweet orange to create this warming fragrance that will fill your room with a sophisticated citrus scent.

Belgian Chocolate 

Our rich dark Belgian Chocolate smells exactly like a gorgeous box of luxury chocolates, making it the perfect scent to add to your warmer.

Candy Cane

A popular Christmas scent that dates back to 1670. An unmistakeable blend of peppermint & menthol with subtle notes of orange, coconut, vanilla & clove.

Caramel Vanilla Latte

A must have for coffee lovers. This comforting scent is filled with creamy caramel, coffee & warm vanilla. Intensified with a hint of almond; perfect for a cosy Autumn night in.

Cashmere Sweater & Cocoa Butter

A rich mouthwatering gourmand fragrance with rich dark cocoa, enriched by vanilla, apricot & warm spices.

Cashmere Vanilla & Sea Salt Caramel 

Enriched with buttery sweet yet salty caramel, this comforting aroma is balanced perfectly with rich, creamy vanilla, coconut & tonka bean.


A bubbly & fruity recipe that is perfect for Christmas brunch with a crowd. This festive accord combines the inviting aromas of apples, cranberries, grapes & pomegranate seeds poured over sparkling grape juice & a freshly corked bubbly to finish. 

Frankincense & Myrrh

A dark, mystical frankincense fragrance with light top notes of creamy cocoa and citrus bursts of bergamot. All the while enlivened with strong feminine floral notes of tuberose, violet & patchouli. A heart of golden amber, white Winter jasmine & deepened at the base with intoxicating myrrh, musk, vanilla & cedarwood.

Frosted Brambleberry

A wintery fragrance with opening notes of cassis, bay leaf & grapefruit. At the heart you will greeted with a delightful blend of amber, jasmine & lily. The infusion is then layered on a subtle musk wood base.  

Frosted Juniper

An enchanting blend of greenery & fruits make for an intricate winter accord. Deep red berries balance woody pine & juniper. Cedar leaf, fir needle & eucalyptus encompass the core notes for a cool, airy fragrance with citrus undertones.  

Gin & Tonic

Zesty citrus notes with a slight sweetness, shaken over ice with herbal attributes. zesty with a slight sweetness. Alcoholic notes enhance the reminiscence of a fresh G & T beverage. Key notes are refreshing & robust.


A nostalgic aroma that will evoke childhood memories with the comforting, sweet and warm scent of freshly baked gingerbread. A spicy accord with uplifting top notes of citrus leading to a warm heart of cinnamon, clove, ginger & nutmeg on a rich base of brown sugar & sweet vanilla.

Hazelnut Cappuccino

A rich & delectable hazelnut cappuccino accord where a dash of dark and rich espresso coffee combine with a sweet, nutty twist of hazelnut syrup mixed with creamy whipped steamed milk.

Irish Cream

This fragrance opens with the unmistakable aroma of intoxicating yet creamy aromatic coffee. A sweetness is blended into the accord delivered by the rich notes of dark chocolate, warm caramel & intoxicating vanilla. 

Jingle Bells

A spicy accord opening with citrus notes of orange & lemon, combined with a festive Winter spice platter of ginger, cinnamon & clove scattered amongst a fruity seasonal arrangement of fig, plum, apple, peach & strawberry, leading to a floral heart of jasmine, lily & rose with a hint of musk in the base.

Marshmallow & Blueberry Frosting

Delightfully soft, fluffy melted marshmallow is beautifully paired with the fruity sweetness of blueberry frosting. A super sweet accord with juicy blueberries, sun-ripened raspberries & blackcurrants laid on a bed of white sugar. 

Marshmallow & Gingerbread

A Christmas must-have! An inviting happy fragrance that will invoke nostalgic memories of December baking. A scrumptious aroma reminiscent of an expertly crafted festive gingerbread house topped with a fluffy marshmallow snow-laden rooftop. 

Marshmallow & Ground Cinnamon 

Welcome the season of Autumn with this sensual aromatic accord. Opening with sweet, warming notes of creamy butterscotch, caramel & cinnamon on a base of soft toasted marshmallows.

Marshmallow & Lemon Buttercream

A sweet & buttery accord of sweet sugar icing in a sour lemon aroma.  At the heart you will find an essence of succulent citrus orange & tropical creamy coconut which rest on an indulgent base of soft powdered sugar, rich dark vanilla & light fluffy marshmallow.

Marshmallow & Madagascan Vanilla

Dark caramelised sugar syrup are blended with rich luxurious cocoa & essence of Madagascan vanilla are drizzled onto a base of light fluffy marshmallow for a truly rich accord.

Marshmallow & Toffee Nut Latte

Sweet toffee nut notes lead into a creamy coffee heart, which rests upon a base of sweet candy floss & marshmallow. 

Mince Pie

A warm Christmas fragrance where delicate spice meets fruit. Tonka & vanilla form the base with lashings of clove, ginger & caramel. Outer notes are zesty citrus dried fruits marinated in nutmeg for a scent to remind us that Christmastime is only around the corner! 

Mulled Wine

The perfect winter aroma which brings the warmth & festive cheer of a vibrant Christmas market to your very own home. With warmed wine & the essence of sweet winter berries, which are complimented by bay leaf, cinnamon bark & ginger root on a rich vanilla base.


Nutcracker is natural & earthy with a Christmas twist of dry and preserved lemon rind, heady clove, royal oak and white sandalwood. You will notice sweet & light undertones of sweet fire-roasted chestnut, succulent brown sugar, dark caramel & festive nutmeg.

Orange Clove Pomander

A beautiful Christmas aroma of spicy preserved cloves & slow dried succulent oranges. Settle down to a cosy night in & reminisce about childhood memories crafting orange pomanders with the family.

Pink Fizz & Pomelo

Brought to life with lively sparkling pink fizz and white coconut top notes, blended with tart citrus fruits of grapefruit, sweet Brazilian orange & pink pomelo. The heart is sweetened by rhubarb, juicy watermelon & nectarine. Dried prune, white Winter Jasmine & light musk add character to the base of this celebratory aroma.

Santa’s Cookie

Festive Santa's Cookie wax melts are a sweet baked aroma reminiscent of lightly ice-dusted biscuits fresh from the oven. An inviting, creamy buttery cookie dough base sweetened with sugary top notes, enriched with a creamy heart of vanilla & sweet, delicate coconut sugar.

Shimmering Spruce & Peppermint

A captivating Christmas aroma made up of earthy eucalyptus, frosted juniper & hints of cool, breezy peppermint. Awaken the fresh fragrance of nature's garden. Tall spruce meets fallen snow-ladden pinecone & frozen fir, bound together with the warmth of sandalwood, resin & woody undertones.

Snowberry & Mistletoe

A strong opening of citrus lime & sweet Winter berries, which sit upon an earthy heart of aromatic patchouli & woody base notes with a sprig of calming English lavender for good measure. 

Snow Bubbles

Our Snow Champagne soy wax melts have a gorgeous sweet, yet sophisticated aroma of bubbly champagne. It is perfumed with an airy and inviting citrus. This is paired with base notes reminiscent of a brisk morning walk on Christmas morning in the snow. You'll find soft base notes of snow, greenery, and musk. 

Snowkissed Lodge

Cool & revitalising, this fragrance comes alive through a festive palette of Christmas spruce needles, sparkling lemon & peppermint menthol with the subtle essence of eucalyptus. All of this reaches into a heart of winter fruit, enhanced by floral touches of jasmine & lavender while the warmth of amber, moss & musky undertones completes the fragrance.

Vanilla Anise

An oriental fragrance with leading citrus notes of juicy orange & sparkling lemon marinated with fragrant anise. With a heart of freesia, vetiver & gingerbread. The fragrance comes together with a base of precious woods, musk, creamy vanilla & tonka.

Vanilla Hazelnut

A sweet and creamy aroma with warm hazelnuts blended with soft spicy notes of white ginger, cinnamon & clove. A hint of coffee on a creamy vanilla base beautifully complements this accord. The perfect balance between sweet & spicy, this fragrance is sure to radiate warmth & cosiness throughout your home. 

Winter Cherry & Ginger Frosting 

Indulge the senses with this mouthwatering Winter cherry accord where the warmth of ginger drifts into a delightfully rich, festive heart of cherry and succulent Winter fruits. All of this is enwrapped in a sweet, delectable fond of creamy vanilla & sensuous musk, laced with sprinklings of soft powdered sugar.

Winter Spice 

Capture the essence of Winter with this spicy accord. This quintessential festive aroma opens with delectably fragrant orange & a sharp twist of lemon, lovingly embraced by juniper berries & a scattering of aromatic warming spices. Festive tones of ground cinnamon, nutmeg & peppered ginger lead to a delicate floral heart, before coming to rest on smooth bed of cedar, amber & heady vanilla musk. 

Winter Wonderland 

A magical & nostalgic accord to warm both your hands & your heart. This happy aromatic dance with submerge you gleefully into the bumbling crowds of the Christmas Market. Opening with the unmistakable festive top notes of hot steeped fruits, juicy mulled orange slices, sugar-softened gala apple & fresh snow-covered Winter berries. Greeted in a delightful resting base of hot spices evocative of mulled wine enlivened by precious winter woods, a hint of vanilla & glowing embers.