About Night & Prism Wax Melts

Amber & Sweet Orange

Luxurious Amber & Sweet Orange has a rich heart of soft amber, incense and musk. The aroma is brightened with a burst of sweet orange to create this elegant and warm fragrance that will fill your room with a sophisticated citrus scent. Sparkling golden orange mica swirls amongst segments of dried orange to enrich the aromatic burst of citrus.


Black Plum & Rhubarb

Hearty deep black plum is paired with light & fresh rhubarb. Sweetened at the base with juicy peach & ripe pear. Our Black Plum & Rhubarb melts contain Amethyst crystals; a stone associated with restoring calmness, balancing mood and alleviating stress. A magical aura with a dusting of indigo, teal and shimmering black bioglitters that give enhancement to the splashes of colour from the wonderful dried petals contained in the wax.



Our Bliss wax melts are part of our Clean Home Collection. The aroma of Bliss is warmed by the fruity combination of red berries, cherry and sweet peach with a subtle floral presence of white jasmine. A soy wax base is decorated with gold metallic leaf and a hint of pink & gold biodegradable glitter.


Clean Cotton

Our classic fresh aroma Clean Cotton. Don't you just love the smell of fluffy white towels? An awakening fragrance supported by calm notes of eucalyptus, linen, blossom and meadow grass.


Egyptian Linen & Mimosa Blossom

A sophisticated fresh cotton linen aroma with top and heart notes of light and delicate florals and a hearty amber & tonka base. White woods balance out fresh clean cotton and marine accords. Featuring florals of mimosa blossom, violet, lily & rose. These wax melts are beautifully decorated with dried calendula petals and stunning yellow citrine crystals that are said to be an abundance stone associated with vision, clarity and determination. 


Green Irish Tweed

We were inspired by our own Irish heritage to craft beautiful melts with the essences of The Emerald Isle. Ireland is renowned for having 40 natural shades of green. This earthly fragrance has a woody and fresh aroma with lemon, peppermint and sandalwood. Raw gemstones of adventurine are scattered and said to have qualities of luck, creativity, opportunity and heightened perception. Gold leaf symbolises oppulence and the luck of the Irish with a touch of gold bio glitter for a pretty shimmer to these melts. The gold leaf can occasionally discolour the wax due to its metallic properties. This doesn't have any adverse effect on the scent throw.



We were inspired by one of our founders maiden name - Armstrong (of Scottish descent) which bares the Latin motto "Invictus Maneo", this translates to "I remain unvanquished." Our Invictus wax melts are created with the core values of perseverance, self-trust and inner-strength. The aroma features fresh grapefruit and marine accord as its top notes. The heart is strengthened with bay leaf and Hedione Jasmine. Invictus has an earthy base of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris. Invictus contains a delightful blend of sliver and white mica, silver bioglitters, silver leaf and mesmerising moonstone crystals, which are said to enhance calmness of mind, inner-strength and clear decision making. The silver leaf contained in our wax melts can sometimes discolour the wax due to its metallic properties. This doesn't have any adverse effect on the scent throw.


Jade Orchid & Lotus Blossom

Take a walk through a beautiful oriental secret garden filled with an array of exotic botanicals. Opening with orchid, jasmine and bergamot. Leading onto a path of oriental lotus blossom and dewy rose spiced with cinnamon. With warm undertones of amberwoods, musk and vanilla.



Lavish is inspired by oppulence, clarity and femininity. Its fresh aroma of peachy, gourmand is infused with creamy tonic vanilla notes that are met with a hint of sweet caramel. Our Lavish wax melts contain a pearlescent base of peal and gold mica. These melts are decorated with gold leaf and gold bio glitter for a luxurious surface aesthetic.


La Vie Est Belle

Our La Vie Est Belle wax melts are delicately formed with floral notes of Iris, Jasmine and Orange Blossom. A twist of fruity blackcurrant and sweet pear add summer notes in the middle of its scent. Sensual undertones of patchouli, vanilla and praline continue the sweetness of this elegant scent through the base. Our La Vie Est Belle wax melts are inspired by the French phasing of 'life is beautiful'. With Parisian sophistication in mind, we added a stunning white & pink pearlescent finish to our soy wax. The melts are caringly hand-decorated with luxurious gold leaf & biodegradable gold glitter. 


Peony & Blush Suede 

Peony & Blush Suede features the floral essence of peonies in bloom with opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. A top note of crisp red apple and a seductive base note of blush suede. Our Peony & Blush Suede is decorated with a pearlescent white base and you'll find a stunning array of pale pink dried florals with a hint of golden bio glitter and gold leaf.


Pink Fizz & Pomelo

Brought to life with lively top notes of sparkling champagne and white rum blend with tart citrus fruits of grapefruit, sweet Brazilian orange & pink pomelo. The heart is sweetened by rhubarb,  juicy watermelon and nectarine. Prune, white Winter Jasmine and light musk add character to the base of this celebratory aroma. Pink quartz crystals decorate the wax, the perfect stone to aid in the healing of a wounded heart and overcoming the lost of trust.


Rosewood & Coconut Creme

With sheer white florals of lily and neroli complimented by creamy coconut milk, this unique blend is complimented with rosewood, clove bud, cinnamon bark, vanilla bean in a light musk rich dark oak base. These bars are decorated with a double pour of wax with a peachy pink mica over a bed of dried rose buds and colourful dried flower petals.


Important Information

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We only use the highest quality pure soy in our melts. All of our fragrances, waxes and decorative additives are vegan and cruelty free. Our snapbars are packaged with 100% biodegradable/ compostable cellulose wrap. Every glitter used in our products is entirely plant derived and 100% biodegradable. Each of our melts are hand-poured by us in Kent. Our wax melt products and fragrances are not made by, endorsed by or in any way connected with any other brands.

Our melts may vary slightly in colour and pattern due to their handmade nature. Our products do look and smell wonderful but they are not safe for human consumption. Please take the utmost care to keep out of the reach of children and pets. Our melts should only be candle warmed using a 4 hour tealight for safety. Whether using a candle or an electric warmer, warming wax should never be left unattended. Some fragrances may be harmful to aquatic life.