Jubilee Sale & Pricing Ammendments

Hello to our lovely Night & Prism Community

Merri & I have spoken a lot lately about the future of Night & Prism and what we hope to achieve in the future both near and far. We understand the burden of rising costs, as we too have been hit hard as a result. We have lost many fellow vendors in the UK Home Fragrance Industry along the way, who just could not afford to keep their businesses afloat. It is very sad times indeed and has been devastating to see businesses that we have so much admiration for closing their doors.

We have thought long and hard about how to tackle our own impact of the cost of materials rising significantly. We wish you all to know that we have not taken this decision lightly. We have concluded that in order to maintain our place in this industry and to keep up with the rising costs of our materials, we will need to increase our pricing.

 When we first started Night & Prism back in Oct 2020 we priced our products with the cost of supplies at that time. We must admit we were also a little reserved and maybe naive in factoring in the cost of both our time and accounting for material cost fluctuation. We have come such a long way since then and the quality our products (we are sure that many of you will agree) have improved significantly.

We hope you all understand and support us in this decision. As a huge thank you for your continued support we are putting on our biggest sale EVER over the Queens Platinum Jubilee Weekend, giving you 30% off all wax products, including sale items. We are putting Sale items live today and the additional 30% savings on all wax products will apply automatically at checkout running from 00:00 (Midnight) Thursday 2nd June and closing 23:59 Sunday 5th June. This will be the last opportunity to purchase wax products with original pricing with the ability to save 30% - 60% on wax. FREE Shipping will be available on baskets over £45.00 and a FREE Sample is included with every order. The new price structure will commence from Monday 6th June. 

It would mean the world to us for you to stay with us following the journey of Night & Prism. We have so many dreams and aspirations and we hope for you to see them through along side us.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Lots of love,

Kievah & Merri

Night & Prism

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