There's one thing I love about the calmness in business of January is that the IS some time available to catch up on all those half finished tasks that you just haven't gotten round to doing or just simply don't cut it to the top of the priority list. Our January sales have calmed down somewhat now and there's one 1 Christmas collection box left!! We are so grateful to everyone taking advantage of what is on sale.

Cashmere Sweater & Cocoa Butter has gone back online restocked in both samples and snapbars. Egyptian Linen & Mimosa Blossom is making a grand return in Brittle, Snapbars and Samples and will be available on Sunday evening. It will also return in Clamshell form in a couple of weeks but labels for those will need to be purchased so they are a little further behind schedule.

Lavish Home Parfum will also be able to make a return on Sunday, we know that there have been a few requests for when this would be returning and we can finally confirm that 😊.

In other news we have also been giving the website a complete overhaul. We have altered the shop navigation to hopefully make things easier to work around. We have added a ✨ wishlist ✨ option to enable you to keep track of things you have your eye on for a later date ✨. The Goddess Collection is back online, with The Goddess Brittle available and Snapbars returning very soon. We have also finalised the artwork and packaging design for our latest design The Showhome Collection which we are excited to announce more about in the coming days.

Merri & Kievah



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