How To Start A Business With Your Friend

It's risky, it's really risky. 

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Putting both financial and emotional investment into a shared venture with someone that you care so deeply for is hard. There's so much that could go wrong, differences of opinion, envisioning different end goals, a lack of interest in each others creative ideas. The list is endless.

But, there's so much that could go right. The trust that you are working with someone that you can bet your last penny on. Someone who already understands your inner workings, likes and dislikes. Someone that knows how to hold you up when you feel low and champion you for your success. Can you even ask for a better colleague than someone you absolutely adore and admire?

We are Merri & Kievah. We met in 2009 at uni in Bedfordshire where we lived in the same halls of residence and studied the same degree. We both achieved our Bachelors with honours in Specialist Makeup Design for TV, Film & Theatre. We believe our degree gave us a shared ability to create and plan with an eye for unusual details and that is what we, together aspire to bring to you.

We both share a joint love of home fragrance. Just before Kievah became pregnant with her daughter we went for one of our girly days out in Covent Garden and bought each other a friendship candle scented in Melon & Cucumber and spoke of how we would love to do something like that "one day". That day was 3 years ago, and on Halloween this year Night & Prism turns 2 years old. We couldn't be happier to be in business together and we would love you to share in our journey.

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