How To Photograph Your Creations

I just wanted to drop in to offer some help with product photos as we get asked by many creators how to take photographs. We are not photographers or have any real knowledge it's just what's worked for us.

Misconceptions: You don't need a fancy camera, lighting, or tripods. Here's how we've been taking ours for 18 months.

Set The Scene:

- I recommend using a clean work surface our most regular go to is the top of a white plastic set of drawers. Clean and polish before starting, making sure there's no dust on your work area.

- Pick the best product in your bunch, the nicest colouring or straightest label.

- Make sure the product is clean and tidy no excess wax residue ect.

- Have approximately 10 nice things (props or backdrop boards) that you can transition between for decorative height layering and flatlays or if using backdrops some generic brand suited and some seasonal. Try to be consistent and use these same collection of items in rotation. If you have a theme to your brand ensure the items reflect it.

- Photograph items together in odd numbered groupings eg, 1, 3, 5, 7 This is how interior designers group homeware items and its more pleasing to the brain and eye than even numbers. This would include both the products you are using and the props. For example in this photo I have used a grouping of three products using height items for interest and there's 7 items in the photo altogether including the foliage.

- Symmetry is important even if you are using a randomised placement you should still ensure things like even distribution of decorations and spacing between items.

Take The Picture.

- Natural Lighting - you want to be right under a window on a good day (eg not dull or raining). If you have blinds lift them up so the maximum amount of daylight is accessible.

- Clean your phone lens - fingerprints make photos blurry and less focused.

- Take photos from lots of different angles. Take videos too and use it for social media content.

Edit The Photo.

There's lots of popular photoediting apps. Personally we use Adode Lightroom which is free to download. We then pay companies for "Lightroom Mobile Preset Packs." Google this search term and some reputable companies pop up right away. Choose a colouration that suits your brand.

- Upload your photos to Lightroom select your favourite one, tap Presets select your favourite and done! Save to phone.

Here's after and before of a one-click preset edit.

Hope this is helpful to someone. X

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