*Exciting Restock Announcement! 🌟✨*

We're thrilled to announce the much-awaited restock of our beloved **LAVISH LAUNDRY** wax melts! 🎉✨

Indulge in luxury and sophistication with our Lavish Laundry wax melts, inspired by opulence, clarity, and femininity. 🌸💫 Experience the fresh aroma of peach gourmand, delicately infused with creamy tonic vanilla notes, all complemented by a hint of sweet caramel. It's a sensory journey you won't want to miss! 🍑🍦

But that's not all - our Lavish Laundry wax melts are truly a feast for the eyes as well. Adorned with a pearlescent base of pearl and gold mica, these melts are elevated to another level of elegance with luxurious 24k gold leaf and golden bio-glitters, creating a stunning surface aesthetic that adds a touch of glamour to any space. ✨💖

Be sure to grab yours from our Clean Home Collection before they sell out again! ✨🏡 Hurry, they won't last long!

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