Embrace the Transition: Eight Home Fragrances for Spring to Summer


As nature gracefully transitions from the gentle embrace of Spring to the vibrant hues of Summer, so too can your home reflect this change with fragrances that capture the essence of the season. At NIGHT & PRISM, we specialise in crafting luxurious home fragrances that elevate your living spaces, offering a symphony of scents to suit every mood and occasion. As we embark on this journey from late Spring to early Summer, allow us to introduce you to eight captivating aromas that will infuse your home with warmth, freshness, and a touch of indulgence.


  1. Melon & Cucumber: Experience the perfect harmony of mouth-watering cantaloupe, ripe honeydew melon & crisp cucumber, beautifully complemented by hints of freesia, white floral notes & sweet peach nectar
  2. Golden Daffodil & Vanilla: Experience the delicious blend of golden daffodils & sweet vanilla. The perfect combination of spring florals & warm sweetness that will fill any room with a calming aroma. Exquisite daffodil accords are blended with gourmand vanilla notes for a truly refreshing & strong Spring inspired scent. A Spring clean aroma perfect for providing lasting fragrance in any space, offering long-lasting scent with up to 8 hours of aroma per segment. Our soy wax melts fill any room with a pleasant, cheerful aroma that evokes relaxation & homey comfort, ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere. Our Golden Daffodil & Vanilla Wax Melts are handcrafted with a yellow & white mica double pour & contain natural, preserved yellow rose petals; creating a unique, sophisticated scent. The wax also features golden biodegradable glitters, adding a hint of sparkle to your wax warmer.
  3. Earl Grey & Cucumber: Our Earl Grey & Cucumber has distinguishable notes of apple, bergamot & jasmine. Fresh cucumber, angelica & davana sit within the heart of this luxurious scent whilst essences of vanilla cedar warm the base. Our Earl Grey & Cucumber botanical infused wax melts are elegantly decorated with fine preserved cornflower petals & Earl Grey loose tea leaves.
  4. Afternoon Tea: An aromatic blend of classic afternoon tea notes that captures the essence of freshly baked scones, layered with succulent Summer strawberries, tart raspberry jam & balanced with a hint of crisp apple juice. A creamy vanilla undertone creates buttery aroma with a foundation of warmed scones. Afternoon Tea contains Flourite crystals; a balancing stone associated with clarity, decision-making & peace. Flourite crystal infused wax melts featuring a unique blend of preserved wildflower petals & loose leaf Earl Grey tea; for a distinct therapeutic aroma. The blend of natural decorative additives helps to create an inviting atmosphere with a subtly soothing & quintessentially English fragrance.  
  5. The Showhome: A floral amber accord which starts with green top notes with citrus & cassis. The heart is floral white with jasmine & muguet. The background is oriental with vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood atlas, musk & sandalwood. This aroma needs no decoration to hold its own.
  6. Egyptian Linen & Mimosa Blossom: A sophisticated fresh cotton linen aroma with top & heart notes of light, delicate florals & a hearty amber & tonka base. White woods balance out fresh clean cotton & marine accords. Featuring florals of mimosa blossom, violet, lily & rose. Egyptian Linen & Mimosa Blossom contains yellow citrine crystals; an abundance stone associated with vision, clarity & determination. These botanical & crystal infused wax melts are beautifully infused with preserved calendula petals & stunning yellow citrine crystal chips.
  7. Sakura Blossom & Patchouli: Think just-showered skin as you snuggle into your favourite loungewear with this powdery, warm & comforting scent. Topped by notes of cherry blossom, pineapple, coconut, lemon & peach, sweet vanilla notes reach into a full floral heart. Amber & patchouli essence gives depth at the base. A white soy wax base is delicately infused with preserved pink delphiniums petals.
  8. Amalfi Lemons: The Almalfi Lemons, renowned for their large size, sweetness & juiciness, are harvested in the hot summers & mild winters of the Italian Almafi coast. With the intense heat of the sun providing the perfect conditions for ripening. Our lemon wax melts also contain hints of ginger & grapefruit, creating a bright yet refreshing aroma. Almalfi Lemons Wax Melts infuse your home with the sweet-tart aroma of the Almafi Coast. Our wax melts are crafted with natural botanical wax & infused with real lemon zest. Inspired by Italian aromatherapy, for a clean & highly scented home. Bring the Mediterranean to you today. Featuring a white soy wax base & carefully preserved lemon zest, Amalfi Lemons Wax Melts provide a sophisticated botanical experience.


As you embark on the journey from Spring to Summer, let the scents of NIGHT & PRISM accompany you every step of the way, filling your home with warmth, freshness, and a sense of effortless elegance. Whether you prefer the crispness of cucumber and melon or the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms, our exquisite fragrances are sure to delight your senses and elevate your everyday moments into unforgettable experiences. Indulge in the luxury of fine fragrance and discover the perfect scent to accompany you on this enchanting journey through the seasons.




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