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Happy Friday, I hope you are all well. Today was my Foster son's Sports Day at his school and he had an amazing day bless him. Me?... Well... Let me gently remind you all that it's all very well liberally applying suncream to your arms and legs... But, please, please don't forget that you also have a face. Here I am, with a face the precise colour of the salami sandwiches I so lovingly made this morning. I am on literal fire.

So, due to this we have been able to release our gorgeous line of Diffusers today with a discount code for our email Subscribers. And we have had to delay the Home Parfums until tomorrow. We are hoping to get them live by lunchtime and we will send out an extended discount code via email. If you haven't yet subscribed, there's time to take advantage of tomorrows code. 

If you HAVE subscribed please do take advantage of your Discounts.

The Dried Flower Reed Diffuser

WAS - £34.99

Reed Diffuser

WAS - £20.99

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