Behind The Brand

In the summer of 2020, amidst the sweet scent of melon and cucumber, Merri and Kievah's friendship bloomed into something more than just exchanging candles. Little did they know, that humble fragrance would spark the beginning of a beautiful journey.


Kievah, newly navigating the world as a single mom, harbored dreams of entrepreneurship but hesitated to venture alone. Meanwhile, Merri was immersed in other pursuits, yet fate had its way of weaving their paths together.


Months passed until one girly night, where dreams were shared over laughter and cups of tea. As conversations meandered, Kievah voiced her aspirations, and Merri's previous ventures faded into the background, leaving space for new possibilities.


The notion of building something together kindled excitement, and soon, Night & Prism was born. The name, a reflection of their precious ones - Amiyah, whose name translates to "night" in various languages, and Merri's foster son, whose love for rainbows inspired the "prism."


Their business wasn't just about candles; it was about crafting moments, infusing spaces with warmth and memories. With determination fueled by friendship and shared goals, they embarked on this journey, envisioning a flourishing future for Night & Prism.


Through the ups and downs, they stood by each other, their bond growing stronger with every flicker of candlelight. Their dream? To create a legacy, a testament to their friendship, and a beacon of success for years to come.

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