In the summer of 2019, Merri and I each bought each other a candle in the scent Melon & Cucumber, whilst visiting London for a girly catch up. Little did we know, that unassuming fragrance would ignite the start of an incredible journey just 1 year later.

As a newly single mum in 2020, the idea of diving into starting a business both excited and terrified me. I put off the idea as I longed for someone to share the journey with. Meanwhile, Merri was occupied with other ventures, but destiny had plans to intertwine our paths.

Months passed until one memorable girly night on Halloween, where dreams flowed freely alongside laughter and wine. As conversations unfolded, I voiced my aspirations of starting a business. It just so happened that Merri's past endeavors had took a backseat, making room for new possibilities.

The notion of building something together filled me with hope, and soon, Night & Prism came to life. The name, a tribute to our beloved children - Amiyah, whose name embodies "night" in various languages, and Merri's foster son, whose fascination with rainbows inspired the "prism."

Our business wasn't merely about candles; it was about crafting moments, infusing spaces with comfort and nostalgia. Fueled by friendship and shared ambitions, we embarked on this journey, envisioning a prosperous future for Night & Prism.

Through the highs and lows, we remained steadfast allies, our bond deepening with each flicker of candlelight. Our dream? To leave a lasting legacy, a testament to our friendship, and a beacon of success for generations to come.

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