✨Maximize Your Home Fragrance Experience with Soy Wax & T-Light Warmers✨

At NIGHT & PRISM, we take pride in using high-quality eco soy wax for our wax melt products. Soy wax is not only environmentally friendly & sustainable but also provides a cleaner & longer-lasting burn compared to other waxes. To ensure you get the best performance from our soy wax melts, we have a key recommendation: use a t-light wax melt warmer.

🕯️Why We Recommend T-Light Wax Melt Warmers🕯️

- Optimal Heat: T-light warmers provide a consistent & even heat source that is perfect for melting soy wax. This steady heat helps release the fragrance evenly & completely, enhancing your home fragrance experience.

✨Why We Do Not Recommend Electric Warmers✨

While electric warmers are popular for some wax types, we do not recommend using them with our soy wax melts. Here’s why:

- Insufficient Heat: Many electric warmers do not reach the optimal temperature needed to melt soy wax effectively. This can result in incomplete melting & a weaker fragrance throw.

🕯️How to Use a T-Light Wax Melt Warmer🕯️

1. Select Your Soy Wax Melt: Choose from our extensive range of soy wax melts in your favourite scent.
2. Prepare the Warmer: Place a 4hr t-light candle in the base of the warmer.
3. Add the Wax Melt: Place one or two pieces of your chosen soy wax melt in the dish on top of the warmer.
4. Light the T-Light: Light the 4hr t-light candle & enjoy the soothing glow as the wax melts & releases its beautiful fragrance into your home.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of our soy wax melts, enjoying their full fragrance potential.

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